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Como jugar en Lichess con tablero DGT (II)



DGT – configure

Lichess connectivity

No suitable OAuth token available yet.

DGT board connectivity

Use “ws://localhost:1982/api/v1.0” unless LiveChess is running on a different machine or different port.

Text to speech

Configure voice narration of the played moves, so you can keep your eyes on the board.

Select YES to annouce both your moves and your opponent’s moves. Select NO to annouce only your opponent’s moves.

San is the standard on Lichess like “Nf6”. UCI is common on engines like “g8f6”
Keywords are in JSON format. They are used to translate moves and results into your language. Default is English, but feel free to change it.


To see console message press Command + Option + C (Mac) or Control + Shift + C (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS)

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